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Cancellation Policy

Admission Cancellation or Subject/Shift Change and Fee Refund Policy for the Academic Year 2022-23

It is hereby informed to all concerned that for Academic Year 2022-23, the guideline for Admission Cancellation and Fee Refund Policy is as under:

Cancellation of Admission:

  1. For the cancellation of admission, a candidate has to apply ONLY through ONLINE mode by logging-in to his account (validated through OTP verification through his/her registered mobile number). Request for cancellation through email/posts/letter etc will not be entertained.
  2. The date of online cancellation will be considered as the date of formal withdrawal of admission. This date will be considered for determining the eligible percentage of refund.
  3. Candidates are requested to cancel his/her admission ONLINE as soon as he/she is determined to withdraw admission (well before  the admission deadline) so that the vacancy can be filled-up by another eligible and interested applicant.
  4. আবেদনকারীর দ্বারা স্বেচ্ছায়/ ভুলবশত ভর্তি বাতিল করার পর, কোন রকম পুনরায় ভর্তি সংক্রান্ত আবেদন গ্রাহ্য করা হবে না।

Change of Subject/Shift:

  1. If a student, after getting admission in a subject, wants to take admission in a different eligible subject/shift [having same stream-group (B.A./B.Sc.  or  B.Com.)]of  the  college,  he/she  may  switch  to  the  new subject/shift through online mode within stipulated time for that round of admission. This will cancel his/her first admission and the admission fee, paid earlier, shall be adjusted with the admission fee of new subject/shift. The difference amount has either to be paid online or be refunded back to the source account (from which earlier admission fee has been paid) without deducting any charge, in due time.
  2. If a student, after getting admission in a subject, wants  to  take admission in a different eligible subject/shift of different stream-group (B.A./B.Sc.   to   B.Com.   or   vice-versa),   he/she   have   to   take   fresh admission in new stream-group by paying new admission fee and cancel the previous admission in online mode to get the refund.

Refund of Fees:

  1. The refund of fees, as applicable, shall be made online through payment gateway in due  course  and  shall  be  credited  to  the Source Account (Bank Account attached with the Debit/Credit Card/Net Banking transaction from which online admission fee has been paid by the candidate), typically within 2 months of the completion of the entire admission process.
  2. Refund shall be made after a deduction  of  the 10%  processing charge on refundable aggregate fee (difference of admission fee and caution deposit) from the refundable amount. Caution Deposit is fully refundable at any time.
  3. Amount of refundable aggregate  fee will be determined by considering the date of online cancellation as per Government Order No. 209(29)-Edn (U)/1U-32/17 dated 24/07/2017of the Higher Education Dept., Gov. of West Bengal.
  4. For change of subject/shift, excess payment made is fully refundable.
  5. Following is the four-tier system  for the refund of fees remitted by the student in case of withdrawal of admission:
Sr. No. Percentage of Refund** of Aggregate Fees* Date of Cancellation/ withdrawal of admission
1 100% 15 days before the formally-notified last date of admission
2 80% Not more than 15 days after the formally-notified last date of admission
3 50% More than 15 days but less than 30 days after formally-notified last date of admission
4 0% More than 30 days after formally notified last date of admission

*inclusive of course fees and non-tuition fees
but exclusive of caution money and security deposit

** Additional deduction: 10% Processing Charge on Aggregate Fees

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